Recently opened, though I have much ready to offer and am working on getting things listed, my Etsy shop hosts a variety of items. From homemade purses to jewelry to collaged matchboxs to magnets a plenty, I offer a spread of eccentricities. Questions and requests for personalized gifts are accepted. Contact me through the store or one of my variety of social networking sites and I'd be happy to chat.
Here's my creativity Tumblog which I've begun using to share my works-in-progress and completed projects. I include posts about my inspirations, instructions/tutorials that look helpful or interesting, and other (non-writing) creative pieces. Arts & crafts include: knitting, collage, scrapbook, jewelry, cross-stitch, found-objects, paper crafts, and more.
My Tumblog has a little bit of everything. From pet stories, reading lists, news, and random bits of art or videos that strike my fancy, I also toss in a bunch of fandom posts and silly commentary while watching things like Star Trek.
Follow along for random observations, various articles/news bits (frequently equal rights and feminist related), courses, job searches, and complaining about Minnesota weather. I don't automatically follow, so be sure to @ or DM me to say hi.
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